Is Your Company Thinking about Offering A Coaching Program?

One of the first questions is "What is the ROI for a Company's Coaching Program??"


Booz Allen hired a consulting company this year to study the return on its coaching program. The study found that ALL the leaders applied what they learned to improve their own development, while 53% went beyond that to significantly improve their relationships with teams and peer members.

The benefits were $3.3 million in the year 2003, while the coaching for last year's 45 participants cost $414,310. That means the return on investment was 689%, according to the study.

"This is just the beginning," said Vernita Parker-Williams, program manager at Booz Allen. "Being able to provide one-on-one tailored development" is invaluable", she said.



“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” — Dwight Eisenhower

‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model

Strategy 3: Stand Out. Be Heard.

  • Who knows YOU and what you do WELL?
  • Do you have a strategic career / leadership plan to sustain your success and have fun on the journey?
  • How do you keep in touch AND give back to your network?

The bottom-line question . . .
Do you leverage your ‘Unique Genius’ so that
people feel that they ‘know, like and trust you’?

There are many different challenges to Strategy 3 that relate back to a few common themes . . .working horizontally and building internal partnerships when you are already working a 50+ hour work week . . . managing through influence and persuasion in a matrix-managed organization . . . 

With these significant challenges, clients report the critical need to . . .

  • Be seen as valuable in a dynamic business environment
  • Develop a more strategic way to prioritize time and effort.
  • Create an effective and high performing team.
  • Influence a new direction when the strategic vision is defined at a higher level.
  • Build a system and foundation of support to embrace change and be more resilient.
  • Leverage learning from failure or mistakes and be seen as adaptable to change and growth.
  • Balance the dynamic tension between contributing to the company’s success (the present) and longer range career planning (the future).
  • Be more visible in a way that effectively leverages time and energy.

The art and science of Strategy 3 focuses on each client’s individual coaching goal, supported by a few key ‘personal marketing’ strategies that are based on the 5 Secrets to Sustainable Success. 

Each Secret builds on the next one . . .

  • Secret 1:  Articulate How You Stand Out as a Credible Expert
         . . . “Have something great to say”.
      Quote by Andrea J. Lee

      It starts with you … knowing how you stand out in the crowd and having the ability to articulate it.
  • Secret 2:  Beyond Managing Upwards.
          . . . Establish a Collaborative Partnership with Your Boss

    Your Boss:
      The next focus is on the relationship at work that is closest to you, your relationship with your boss!
  • Secret 3:  Get Connected.
         . . .  Build Your Team of Informal Mentors / Peer Advisors

      Your third focus is on building a broader network, your team of informal mentors / peer advisors.
  • Secret 4:  Get Involved . . . Contribute!
         . . . Tap into your purpose and give back.

    Community Contribution:
      When you have expanded your connections, there are more opportunities for you to get involved and contribute to a broader community, i.e., other internal departments, external organizations
  • Secret 5:  Stand Out. Be Heard. 
         . . .  Attract innovative and creative opportunities to you! 

    Some might call this
    LUCK!  However, it’s a matter of seeing the opportunities and pursuing them with a community that you have been nurturing and generously sharing reciprocal value. 

    Community Communication:
      This is still the most powerful and effective way to sustain your career success … be visible, authentic, and strategically articulate your value as a credible expert.  

What’s the benefit for stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone?  You . . .

  1. Gain recognition about what you do well, and build a positive reputation for your strengths.
  2. Develop the ability to differentiate yourself from others.
  3. Receive invitations to high visibility and highly sought after projects. (Remember the concept, it is WHO knows YOU and what you do WELL?)
  4. Position yourself for lifetime ‘employability’!

What is your favorite way to ‘attract luck’?   

HOW you Stand Out. Be Heard. is key to your success!  After all, if you dislike public speaking, and feel compelled to speak because it’s what brings you visibility, audiences will pick up the subtle messages from your energy. 
These are a few of the more popular ways for you to attract more LUCK in your life:

    1. Build and nurture your social capital
    2. Leadership role on a project
    3. Communication, Speaking / Writing: 
      Get known as an ‘expert’ by a wide range of groups. 
    4. Personalized website

Join Social Networks:  LinkedIn; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube; Blog

  • Get connected
  • Get involved — contribute
  • Articulate your value
  • Positive reputation
  • Industry leadership
  • Public speaking

Prerequisite: Unique Genius Coaching Model, Strategy 1: Be Distinctive. Differentiate. and Strategy 2:  Add Value. Contribute.

Now that you have a clear picture of how the Unique Genius Coaching Model will help you to stand out IN a crowd and DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF . . .

Are you ready to take action NOW?

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