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Gerrie Dresser - Sought After Speaker, Leadership Strategist and Executive Coach

Discover Your Unique Genius . . .

stand out IN a crowd . . . don’t be one OF the crowd!

Have you asked yourself, “How do I stand out and sustain an economically viable career in these dynamic economic times?” 

There is a unique and innovative ‘inside-out’ approach to two common problems: 

  1. Lack of clarity about how you already stand out as a credible expert . . . what you enjoy doing, do well, and excel at doing.
  2. Disbelief that you CAN do what you enjoy doing, as well as create an economically viable career that is meaningful and fun at the same time!

Whether it is intentional or accidental, you are building your reputation in everything that you do.

  • Do you know your strongest and most appealing personal qualities that evoke a positive emotional response in others?
  • Does your resume sound like ‘corporate speak’ OR is it personal and conversational in style?
  • When you are asked the question, “What do you do?”, can you answer the question in a natural, compelling and conversational way that intrigues the other person’s curiosity about how you do it … they want to know more!

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of the program, you will  . . .

  • Understand the value of personal branding for sustainable success.
  • Learn the secret to identifying the emotional response that you evoke in others.
  • Uncover the power of your Credibility Factors or Proof Points of your ‘Unique Genius’ . . . 
  • Discover 7 strategies to attract opportunities TO you … how you influence someone’s first impression of you in the very first 60 seconds
  • Learn the one most important Personal Branding Principle, based on your ‘Unique Genius’.

 Actionable Results/Deliverables:

As a result of the integrated design, including 3 coaching exercises for actionable outcomes, you will stand out, be heard, and attract opportunities TO you!

  • Identify 3 of your ‘best self’ personal brand qualities.
  • Discover one of your most valuable signature contributions.
  • Draft a personal brand strategy that strategically aligns you with those WHO you want to know YOU and what you do WELL.

What audiences are saying . . .

“Gerrie is a gifted and dynamic speaker and her presentation moved me to action. What attracted me to her program was the core process of discovering one's values, strengths and passion and then aligning them towards a clear life vision and goals.
Gerrie has proven to be an expert coach and her process has provided me with a clear action plan for greater personal and professional success.”

Tim Cathers, VP Business Development / Logistics & Transportation Executive
LMS (Logistics Management Solutions)

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