Success Matters: #36 May 2012
Which comes first Happiness or Success?

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Gerrie Dresser,
The Executive / Personal Brand Coach for High Achieving Leaders and Pivotal Leadership Teams . . .

Coaching you to articulate your unique value, stand out IN a crowd, and create sustainable career success!

Conversations and strategies about how to stand out IN a crowd and create sustainable success while making a difference through high impact contributions.

A Message from Gerrie


Did you gift yourself over the holiday weekend with time to ‘pause’ and connect with what you’re grateful for this year?

I’ve been talking about planting a colorful cluster of flowers in my gardens for the past two or three years, and decided to dedicate the time to add a touch of beauty around my home. Although it was a physical project, I also noticed that the creative process was relaxing and a way to ‘pause’ from my normal routine.

Have you ever noticed … The time you take to pause often results in a positive mindset and unexpected outcomes in the rest of your life?

As you’ll read in the article below, research points to a positive mindset as a key to improving your productivity, creativity, and a whole host of other great outcomes.

With the dynamic nature of our business world today, you may be surrounded by people who are feeling anxious or worse yet, disengaged, that makes it challenging for you to adopt a positive mindset.

So, take a moment to pause and consider . . . what is ONE thing that you can introduce into your life that would increase your positive outlook?

Often, changing just ONE thing has a cascading impact on many other areas of your life and reinforces your new positive mindset.

Happiness is proven to be a driver of performance and a precursor to greater success! Read the Feature Article below to learn about some unusual practices that a CEO initiated to increase the positivity in his company’s high pressure situation.

Enjoy a uniquely perfect Summer day,


Gerrie Dresser
Executive l Personal Brand Coach
Who helps high achieving leaders

stand out IN a crowd . . . DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF!

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Our first LIVE Event … a Mini-Retreat with
Gerrie Dresser and Stephanie McCullough!

  • Friday, September 28, 2012 – 8:30am – 1:00pm: LIVE Mini-Retreat, co-facilitated by Gerrie Dresser and Stephanie McCullough of Sofia Financial
Radnor Corporate Center, 100 Matson Ford Rd., Building 4
Radnor, PA 19087
Focus: Money, Leadership, Career, and Life Purpose!

Stephanie and I both discovered that one’s relationship with money impacts their ability to live their life purpose, ASK for what they’re worth, dare to be remarkable, and stand out authentically for the unique impact that they bring to the world.

So, we decided to bring our complementary perspectives to a LIVE event to help you be more purposeful in aligning all aspects of your life.

  • Do you remember Stephanie’s conversation on our Virtual Café Conversation in March 2011? The topic that we discussed was “Behavioral Finance . . .
    Does your brain sabotage your financial success?”

    If you missed it and want to listen to the Replay, click here to access the Replay:

    We’ve intentionally limited the number of participants to foster the conversation, community, and personal attention that is critical to shift your mindset and behavior.

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Feature Article:
"HAPPINESS as a Driver of Performance"

According to Therese Kienast, Founder of Radical Leadership®, “Disengaged employees are costing U.S. companies $370-$588 Billion annually in lost productivity and this figure is growing at a rapid pace. Companies need new solutions, and they need them now . . . disengagement is not just costing companies, its costing all of us.”

The cost of disengaged employees was shocking to me, especially with the increased focus on mindfulness, happiness, and well-being in the media. The key to change is translating theory to the real world of work with proven stories about bottom-line impact. These stories are growing!

Consider the story about Burt’s Bees, a personal-care products company that was undergoing massive change in its global expansion into 19 new countries. You can only imagine the amount of anxiety and uncertainty that employees were feeling and the leaders’ frustration with trying to keep their organizations focused.

Do you remember the statistics quoted in April’s newsletter about people’s minds wandering nearly 50% of the time? If you add environmental change of that magnitude to the equation, mind wandering would increase.

  • What would you do in this high pressure situation?

Some managers have been known to ‘micro-manage’, schedule frequent meetings, and basically turn up the heat. While other managers keep a ‘heads down’ approach and expect their organizations to do the same.

But, which style is the most effective for improving productivity, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in your work contribution, and ultimately, having a positive impact on the bottom line?

Burt’s Bees CEO in 2010, John Replogle, took a totally different approach!

  1. Sent out a daily email with praise about one team member’s work on the global rollout.
  2. Reminded his managers to talk with their teams about the company values.
  3. Hired Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think, to facilitate a 3-hour session on happiness.

According to one member of the senior team, “Replogle’s emphasis on fostering positive leadership kept his managers engaged and cohesive as they successfully made the transition to a global company.” (Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb 2012, page 100)

The story stands out because of the CEO’s unique philosophy and practices related to positive leadership and the belief that positive mindset precedes the success.

Which philosophy do you adhere to …

  • Do you believe that you’ll be happy WHEN you experience a positive outcome OR
  • Do you believe that by being happy and adopting a positive mindset, you ATTRACT more positive outcomes, such as improved performance even in the face of high pressure challenge?

Your Coaching Challenge: In the next month, test out these two approaches and observe the outcome.

Success & Happiness: Which precedes the other?

  1. Dedicate one week to adopt the mindset that you’ll be happy WHEN you experience a specific outcome.
  2. The next week, adopt the mindset that you’re happy each day, thus ATTRACT positive outcomes.
  • Which mindset resulted in you feeling more focused, engaged, and creative? In other words, did success precede happiness or just the opposite … did happiness precede success?

Then, send me an email about your observations and experiences.

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Unique Genius Coaching


Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity. Some of the benefits include . . .

  • Positions you as a more influential leader
  • Earn the respect and trust of other leaders across all functional areas
  • Other leaders easily recognize what's different, relevant and unique about you
  • Create loyal ‘brand advocates’ who endorse you
  • Helps you forge collaborative partnerships across the organization
  • You are sought out to lead high visibility, highly leveraged and credible projects

Gerrie Dresser is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative executive l personal brand coach and thought leader. She delivers high impact individual and team coaching through the Unique Genius™ Coaching Model.

If you’re ready to step into a bigger game for your work / life, contact Gerrie for a complimentary Unique Genius strategic consultation at  ($187 Value)

For more information about Gerrie:

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