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A Message from Gerrie: Defy the Recession with Your Plan B!


What a whirlwind over the past few months … the Phillies won the World Series, our economy had a bail out (which is still a work in progress), our Presidential Campaign has a short window to Election Day, and Cloris Leachman was one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars!

If you aren’t up on the Dancing with the Stars line-up, Cloris was born on April 30, 1926 in Des Moines, Iowa and has an impressive list of awards. Cloris is 82 years young and was dancing the salsa and fox trot in front of a live and TV audience.

Wouldn’t you say that Cloris is defying many people’s perceptions about what is possible for an 82 year old woman (or man, for that matter)?

It really made me stop and think about my own limiting beliefs that may be holding me back. A few weeks ago, people were feeling a lot of anxiety and fear about the unknown outcome of our economic bailout and doubt about their future. When this type of energy sets in, it constricts the flow of energy and creates more of the same. Some people’s response is to stay under the radar and just keep their head down on the job!

As one leader noted, that is just the opposite of what you need to do. You need to be even more visible!

What I began to observe is that many of my clients are negotiating internal promotions, are being courted for external promotional opportunities or have already landed a promotion.
A few of my clients were walking a fine line between downsizing and an internal job change. Fortunately, they landed a great job, internally, and have begun to gain momentum on developing what I refer to as their ‘economically viable career’.

...So, there is evidence that businesses continue to move forward and there ARE opportunities available.

But, what are the success practices of these clients who are attracting opportunities to them?

  • This is the connection between your Career Plan B (you do have one, don’t you?!) and your Wealth Plan.

If you have a Plan B and are actively managing your career, you are also managing your Wealth Plan!

Our Feature Article outlines the keys to their success, as well as success strategies that were shared by a panel of executives at the recent Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association event. The Coaching Exercise will help you to focus your action on ‘3 steps to achieve sustainable career success’.

Feel free to drop me a note about what is working for you, that we can share with others!

Enjoy a uniquely perfect day, %$firstname$%.



Speaking News/Special Events

“Stand Out With Your ‘Unique Genius’™... Create an Economically Viable Career in a Challenging Economy” presented by Gerrie Dresser, Career Strategist/Executive Coach

June 27, 2008, sponsored by Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group,

What the audience said...
Gerrie is a gifted and dynamic speaker and her presentation moved me to action. What attracted me to her program was the core process of discovering one's values, strengths and passion and then aligning them towards a clear life vision and goals.

Gerrie has proven to be an expert coach and her process has provided me with a clear action plan for greater personal and professional success.

Tim Cathers, Logistics & Transportation Executive - LMS (Logistics Management Solutions)

  • Would you like to inspire your organization and raise their awareness about their ‘unique genius’? Contact Gerrie about sharing this message with your organization!

Phone: (610) 429-0359

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‘Unique Genius’™ Coaching

Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity.

Do you want to discover your ‘unique genius’™, define what you stand for, and embrace more meaning and fulfillment through an economically viable career?

If you are serious about creating a sustainable Career Plan B, stepping into an inspired vision and bigger game for your life, ‘unique genius’ coaching will provide the focus, accountability and ‘inside-out’ growth that is the foundation for personal change to happen and stick.

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Gerrie Dresser is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative career strategist and thought leader.

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Feature Article: What do your Plan B and
Wealth Plan have in common?

Nicole Dunn is the focus of the cover story in October 2008 Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine: “What $1,000 Can Still Do For You? 37 Grand Ideas”.

Nicole, previously a struggling producer for a reality-TV show, describes her $1,000 investment in the article titled “Coaching Can Take Your Career and Your Salary to the Next Level”.

Working with a career coach, Nicole did just that...she invested $1,000 and landed a new job at nearly triple her salary.

For the full cover story, click on the link below: Coach 1000 dollar investment.pdf

Nicole’s story is very similar to many of my clients’ stories. She visualized her goals (and probably needed some coaching around connecting with a bigger vision), developed a strategy to achieve them, and tried new approaches or ‘big stretch’ behavior changes.

Some of these behavior changes leveraged what she already had in place! She had built reciprocal relationships, was able to articulate her unique value, and gained confidence to ask for what she thought she was worth. Her results - she got what she asked for and more!

So, now you are wondering... how can I triple my income?

There are some basic principles and success strategies that Nicole and some of my clients leveraged to implement their Career Plan B.

And, in case you are wondering what the specifics are about my the past 2 months, 50% of my clients have either:

  • negotiated or are in negotiations about an internal promotion,
  • landed a promotional opportunity with a new company,
  • one has made a huge leap...she changed her career field with a 30% increase...a unique situation AND very unexpected!

All this activity in just the past 2 months!

Here are a few factors which I attribute to their success.


  • Are committed to their success.
  • Value the investment needed to achieve a more meaningful career.
  • Envision the viability of sustained economic success.
  • Are intentional about how they are known.
  • Relentlessly focus on what they do best.
  • Continue to build and nurture relationships internally and externally.

During the last ten years in the business world, there has been a significant shift from a value of being employed to creating a lifetime of employability.

  • These clients embraced the idea of being ‘employable’.

With downsizings, reorganizing, mergers and acquisitions, and the emergence of technology, there is a growing need for you to stand out, and articulate how you add value and contribute to the success of an organization in a compelling and concise way.

The problem is that most people undervalue themselves, underplay their strengths, and feel uncomfortable with self promotion because they feel as though they are ‘bragging’.

Do you?

Many of my clients cringe at the idea of speaking out about their value because they see how bragging repels people rather than attracting them to want to work with the ‘bragger’.

However, there is a big difference between ‘bragging’ and standing out with confidence and self-assurance about your expertise and demonstrating enthusiasm about being of service.

After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

If you are like many other leaders, you experience many roadblocks and points of frustration.

However, if you don’t want to stand out, then promotions will happen all around you, as it did me until I worked with a career coach to help me get known for my expertise. Yes, then I landed the promotion that I had sought for almost 2 years!

Managing your career to be ‘employable’ and aligning your strategies with your Wealth Plan requires different skills than 5 years ago!

I have incorporated the core and advanced skills that you need to leverage your ‘unique genius’ for sustained career success into the program, ‘Unique Genius’ Strategic ACTION Coaching Program, to be offered in early 2009.

I challenge you to defy your limiting beliefs and envision your ‘big stretch’ goals for 2009!

Coaching Exercise: 3 Steps to Sustainable Career Success

Leverage your ‘unique genius’ through 3 simple steps to achieve greater career success:

  1. Gain recognition for WHO you are with authenticity and credibility and WHAT you do in a way that differentiates you from others...

  2. Focus on your goals and take action. Partner with someone who will encourage your ‘big stretch’ goals AND hold you accountable for what YOU want to achieve.

  3. Build an advocate or mentoring team, partner with a colleague for peer coaching, and continue to make connections through professional associations, lunch or coffee with your internal / external network!

Remember my articles in Editions 7 and 8 (September / November 2007) about works!

Watch for more details about our new program, ‘Unique Genius’ Strategic ACTION Coaching Program, to be offered in early 2009!

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Gerrie Recommends...

Zenobia: The Curious Book of Business by Matthew Emmens, Beth Kephart
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. January 2008

“Shire Pharmaceuticals CEO Matthew Emmens, co-author of the imaginative and visionary business fable Zenobia: The Curious Book of Business, tells the story of young job applicant Moira who stays true to her vision, which helps to revitalize the fictional Zenobia Corporation, after its decline from its former greatness. Through the power of the symbolic narrative, Matthew Emmens demonstrates the power of creative thinking, discovering new ideas, and the ability of an ordinary person to act as the catalyst for change.”

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