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Leadership Presence is Really an Inside-Out Job!

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Gerrie Dresser,
The Executive / Career Coach for High Achieving Leaders and Pivotal Leadership Teams . . .

Coaching you to articulate your unique value, stand out IN a crowd, and create sustainable career success!

Conversations and strategies about how to stand out IN a crowd and create sustainable success while making a difference through high impact contributions.

A Message from Gerrie


As you can see from the list of my speaking events below, I’ve had a very busy few months. One of my intentions during my 10 year anniversary year was to share the message about ‘unique genius’ with more audiences through a ‘speaking tour’.

As a result, I’ve gained great insight about the challenges that you face, each day with our changing business world. As Seth Godin indicated in his book, Linchpin, Being Average is Over! And that is what I hear from you, as well.

Just in the past month, many more leaders have contacted me about professional image and leadership presence, looking outside of themselves to enhance their external image and show up with a more credible and memorable ‘leadership presence’.

  • How would you rate yourself on professional image or leadership presence’?

What was quite surprising to me is that many leaders feel that someone else has ‘leadership presence’, but they don’t! Yet, when asked to envision someone who HAS leadership presence, it was based on the person’s confidence and calmness during chaos, steadiness during upheaval, and NOT their external image.

Through extensive research, I’ve discovered some of the secrets of top leaders who have this ‘leadership presence’. I’ve also uncovered the fact that ‘leadership presence’ has more value than ‘executive presence’ to many audiences. In other words, an executive may have the power and influence of their executive title, but it doesn’t always mean that are perceived as a leader.

So, our focus will be on how you can strengthen your LEADERSHIP presence.

You’ll hear more about my research in an upcoming white paper … and you’ll be the FIRST to gain access to this valuable information!

As you’ll read in the feature article below, there are a few key steps that you can take RIGHT NOW that will help you to show up with more confidence and experience a feeling of calmness, so YOU begin to feel your own [positive] ‘leadership presence’.

To your unique success,


Gerrie Dresser
Executive l Career Coach & Personal Brand Strategist
Who helps high achieving leaders

stand out IN a crowd . . . DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF!

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Unique Genius Virtual Café: Replay Summary

Our Unique Genius Virtual Café Conversations will be back after our Summer break!

If you missed previous Virtual Café Conversations, you can access the Replay!

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Speaking Events!

To celebrate the message about ‘Unique Genius’, organizations and corporations are sponsoring speaking events to inspire and motivate their leaders! Watch for upcoming events in Success Matters.

Here’s a snapshot of my recent speaking events and sponsors, focused on the value of “Leveraging Your Unique Credibility Factor To Drive Innovation And Stand Out As A High Impact Leader”!

  • March 12:   Network of Women in Computer Technology, 30th Annual Conference
  • March 19:   Joseph’s People, Ltd of Chester Springs
  • April 5:        Society of Information Management (SIM) International, Philadelphia 
  • April 21:      Greater Pottstown HR Association, Affiliate of Society for Human Resource 
                         Management (SHRM)
  • June 21:      Delaware Valley HR in Transition Group
  • June 29:      SIM Women, a Network inside the Society of Information Management

To learn more about Gerrie’s speaking and make a referral to your organization, click on link:

Phone: 610-429-0359

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Feature Article:
"Leadership Presence is Really an Inside-Out Job"

Who exemplifies ‘leadership presence’?

  • Would you say that Oprah has ‘leadership presence’?
  • How about an executive leader, such as Lynn Elsenhans, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Sunoco?
  • What about news anchors, like Diane Sawyer or Brian Williams?

I think we would all agree that they have leadership roles, yet each one has a much different ‘leadership presence’.

From my research, leadership presence is NOT about someone’s style, status in life or title, although that does reflect their leadership ROLE.

It IS about the person’s ability to engage with others, to set healthy boundaries, and to communicate with respect and thoughtfulness about the other person’s style and how their message would be received.

In other words, they have a high self-awareness and an ability to respond [vs. react] under high stress situations. They also have an ability to communicate AND be heard by people in different age ranges, cultures, and genders.

One person described it as ‘commanding respect’.

  • What would your life be like if you had this same ‘presence’?
  • And how do you develop more of this ‘presence’?

It’s an abstract concept that takes into account both internal and external factors.

External factors include your behavior and image. Behavior relates to your business practices, such as how you respond to email and voicemail [or don’t!] and how you communicate with others.

  • Are you respectful of others or do others feel like you are being condescending to them?

Internal factors relate to your Needs and Values.

  • How well do you manage your personal requirements or emotional NEEDS?
  • How aligned you are with your core, personal VALUES?

When your NEEDS are not being met, you are more reactive to others’ behavior, and often feel driven with a heavy energy.

  • For example, when you feel the need to micromanage a direct report’s work, it could be related to your NEED for control. But, your direct report is only paying attention to your micromanaging … NOT to your personal requirement or NEED for control.

The good news is that you CAN get your personal requirements met through others or on your own.

As you become more aware of your own personal NEEDS and how to get them met, you’re also increasing your emotional intelligence capabilities, as well as getting aligned with your VALUES.

  • For example, you may get your NEEDS met at work by negotiating with your boss to expand your scope of authority necessary to assume ownership of the project. As a result, you aren’t driven to be in control because your NEED for control is satisfied.
  • If one of your personal VALUES is to lead, then you will automatically step into the lighter energy that results from being aligned with your VALUES which is only possible when your NEEDs are satisfied.

Your Coaching Challenge: Notice when you feel DRIVEN, almost compelled to complete a task, that you just can’t let go of, in spite of the fact that you feel resentful or frustrated. These are clues that your NEEDS aren’t being met!

Stay tuned for more insights about your getting your NEEDS met and getting aligned with your VALUES to enhance your ‘leadership presence’ … to command respect and feel heard and respected!

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Gerrie Recommends

“168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think”. Author, Laura Vanderkam. Publisher: The Penguin Group, 2010.

In Laura Vanderkam’s words . . . “There are 168 hours in a week—this is a new approach to getting the most out of them. It’s an unquestioned truth of modern life: we are all starved for time. With the rise of two-income families, extreme jobs, and the ability to log on to the world 24/7, life is so frenzied we can barely breathe.

But what if we actually have plenty of time? According to Laura, we do! If we re-examine our weekly allotment of 168 hours, we’ll find that, with a little reorganization and prioritizing, we can dedicate more time to the things we want to do without having to make sacrifices!”

Listen to the Replay of my conversation with Laura on June’s Unique Genius Virtual Café:

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Unique Genius Coaching


Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity. Some of the benefits include . . .

  • Positions you as a more influential leader
  • Earn the respect and trust of other leaders across all functional areas
  • Other leaders easily recognize what's different, relevant and unique about you
  • Create loyal ‘brand advocates’ who endorse you
  • Helps you forge collaborative partnerships across the organization
  • You are sought out to lead high visibility, highly leveraged and credible projects

Gerrie Dresser is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative executive / career coach, thought leader, and personal brand strategist. She delivers high impact individual and team coaching through the Unique Genius™ Coaching Model.

If you’re ready to step into a bigger game for your work / life, contact Gerrie for a complimentary 20-minute Unique Genius strategic consultation at  ($87 Value)

For more information about Gerrie:

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