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Gerrie Dresser, Career Strategist / Executive Coach for Mid-Career Leaders to create more focus, vitality, and passion in their work.

Leverage your ‘unique genius’™ for sustainable career success!

Success Associates provides proven success strategies to help you discover your unique genius and distinctive career brand to leverage for an economically viable and sustainable career.

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A Message from Gerrie


What a busy and memorable week it’s been . . . launching my first audio product with the companion Special Report, sharing holiday joy with family and friends, and now visiting my family in Cape Cod.

I hope that your week has been filled with joy-filled memories, also!

Over the past week, if you turned on the TV, you probably caught one or more shows about the ‘magic of Christmas’ or the ‘magic of Santa Claus’ that seem to shift our energy to a more positive outlook on the future, in spite of the economic challenges.

Have you noticed it?

This is a time to connect with the magic, as well as take time to pause and connect with gratitude about the many blessings that you’ve had over the past year.

From my e-zine report, I noticed that many of you have paused during the holiday busyness to read my e-zine titled, “Are you tired of the “R” word?”, announcing my first mp3 audio product and companion Special Report.

I am really excited about sharing the valuable insights and lessons in this Special Holiday Gift that are perfect to incorporate into your intentions for the New Year!

One of these lessons is the 5 secrets to ‘stand out’ and have your proposal ‘heard’.

Have you ever had an idea that you felt would benefit the company or department in a significant way, only to feel that you weren’t heard when you presented it to the decision maker?

It often relates to context, alignment, and partnerships, a few concepts related to the art and science of Step 3, Stand Out. Be Heard.

For a sneak peak into how to develop a more strategic approach to Stand Out. Be Heard. in the New Year, read the Feature Article below!

Wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Enjoy a uniquely perfect holiday season, %$firstname$%.


P.S. – Just 2 days left! You have 2 days to gift yourself with the Special Holiday Gift OR better yet, gift a friend or colleague who would benefit from the 5 Secrets to Stand Out. Be Heard.


Feature Article:
5 Secrets to Stand Out. Be Heard.

From the Special Report . . . Step 3:

5 Secrets to Stand Out. Be Heard.

Step 3 is an art and a science related to political savvy, emotional intelligence, and diplomacy, essential competencies if you want to earn the respect, trust, and confidence of those around you.

This Step is an integration of Steps 1 and 2. When you play to your strengths, anchor yourself to your values, and align with your interest style, you show up in a much more authentic and credible way.

5 Secrets To Get Your ‘Stand Out’ Strategy Heard:

During my corporate career, I was successful with creating opportunities by applying these strategies.

  • Secret 1: Integrate proposals with what the company and organization need.
  • Secret 2: Collaborate and partner with your manager in the proposal development phase.
  • Secret 3: Play to your strengths that are recognized by your manager and executive sponsor.
  • Secret 4: Duplicate one of the company’s proven success strategies.
  • Secret 5: Engage the right people in the initiative, from idea to execution; base your proposal on a vision of a win-win-win outcome.

The challenge to implementing these 5 strategies is often related to something that is in high demand in the business world, time to think and plan strategically.

However, it is critical if you want to ‘Stand Out. Be Heard.’ from an authentic and credible position.

In addition to the 5 secrets, consider the context in which you show up, align with the organization’s platform, and build collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders.

In the Special Holiday Gift, you will gain more insight and strategies that result in the benefits of the 3-step ‘Inside-Out’ process.

When you are aligned with your ‘unique genius’, you not only perform at a higher level, you also enjoy what you are doing and excel at doing what you do best. You experience:

  • More sustained energy
  • Greater clarity of thought
  • Inspiration about your daily work
  • Innovative and creative thinking
  • More consistent and higher performance

For more information about the Special Holiday Gift, click on this link for direct access to the product page for “Discover Your Unique Genius. Stand Out. Be Heard. The Inside-Out Approach to Sustainable Career Success”.

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‘Unique Genius’™ Coaching

Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity.

Do you want to discover your ‘unique genius’™, define what you stand for, and embrace more meaning and fulfillment through an economically viable career?

If you are serious about creating a sustainable Career Plan B, stepping into an inspired vision and bigger game for your life, ‘unique genius’ coaching will provide the focus, accountability and ‘inside-out’ growth that is the foundation for personal change to happen and stick.

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