Success Matters: #18 November 2009
Can you get people to do things they don't want to do and LIKE IT?

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Gerrie Dresser,
The Leadership Strategist / Executive Coach for Mid-Career Leaders and Leadership Teams . . .

Coaching you to articulate your unique value, stand out IN a crowd, and create sustainable career success!

Conversations and strategies about how to stand out IN a crowd and create sustainable success while making a difference through high impact contributions.

A Message from Gerrie


First, welcome to our new Subscribers! We have a growing community, and I look forward to learning what you want to hear about!

One thing that has made an impression on me in the past week is the fact that people are friendlier and even going out of their way to provide assistance.

I notice a more positive energy in people every year about this time, just as we enter the holiday season. The people who embody the ‘Unique Genius’ attributes display this ‘holiday spirit’ throughout the year.

If we look at a few of the Personal Attributes that are aligned with the Unique Genius model, take notice of the ones that you see showing up more often during the holiday season:

  • Can laugh and joke, be casual, and also takes his life’s work seriously
  • Stands firm on her principles
  • Takes risks with thoughtfulness
  • Has a strong belief in the goodness of others
  • Knows personal strengths and takes on challenges to grow
  • Is very generous in giving to others
  • Initiates change to improve the well-being of others

Don’t most of these apply to the positive holiday spirit that starts to show up, as we enter the holiday season?

I’m sure that you’ve heard this before, but if we could bottle the positive holiday spirit and carry it into the new year, we would definitely notice a global shift in positive energy!

In this month’s Feature Article, our focus is on the [positive] power to influence whether you have people reporting to you or you’re an individual contributor. Of course, it also pertains to your various roles as parent, spouse, friend, and many others.

When you have the [positive] power to influence, you can impact so many people for good. However, you need to be in touch with this [positive] power to influence.

For example, a story is frequently told about a business person who resisted ‘selling’, stating that he just wasn’t a ‘sales type’ [i.e., he wasn’t a pushy person who had power to influence]. However, when asked about how his children responded when he initiated a new idea, it struck him that he, indeed, sold all the time and influenced change every day!

So, I challenge you to consider how your Unique Genius shows up when you authentically step into your power to influence in a leadership role and begin to see the positive effect that you have on others.

Consider how you WANT to live your Best Holiday Season this year, and carry it into 2010, the start of a new decade.

Enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season, %$firstname$%.


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Special News

The ‘So What?’ Factor ... Unique Genius Virtual Team Coaching Program

If you are ready – willing – able to dig deep and uncover the talents that will propel you to the top of the list, enroll NOW in our Virtual Team for The ‘So What?’ Factor Program!

In this program, you apply the ‘inside-out’ approach to change, using the ‘So What?’ Factor to build a powerful, brand-driven resume so that you connect WHAT you do to the revenue and business benefit of your contributions.

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Unique Genius Virtual Café: Recording & Upcoming Events

Our Unique Genius Virtual Café was launched in November, 2009 to provide a way for us to engage in dialogue about topics to help you create sustainable success and stand out IN a crowd for your unique, credible expertise.

My intention is to invite guest experts to share their experience and wisdom, so I welcome your feedback about what you want to hear and questions that you want answered. Each call will be recorded, and will be published in our monthly newsletter, in case you aren’t able to participate LIVE.

Below is our line-up of Guest Experts with the audio recording in mp3 format from our most recent Virtual Café Conversation:

  • December 14, 2009: Guest Expert – Pat Rocchi, Communications and Marketing Expert and proven leader of positive change

    Author:  The Six P’s of Change. A Handbook for Managing Transitions at Work, at Home and in Ourselves
    Publisher: Pat Rocchi Communications, 2009

    You will be learning more about his “unique insight into the phenomenon of change, a work that is needed in these turbulent times.” His book is a MUST READ to develop the insight and ability to anticipate change, a key factor for sustainable success.
  • January 12, 2010 (scheduled on Tuesday for this month, only): Guest Expert – Kim George, Thought Leader and Coach

    Author:  Coaching Into Greatness: 4 Steps to Success in Business and Life Publisher: Wiley & Sons, 2006
    The Abundance Intelligence® Institute, a coaching, consulting, and training community focused on bringing Abundance Intelligence® to the world

    Called a "brilliant maverick" by Guerrilla Marketing author, Jay Conrad Levinson, and a recognized expert in the areas of Social Capital and Strategic Alliances.

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Speaking Events!

To celebrate the message about ‘Unique Genius’, organizations are sponsoring speaking events to share the ‘5 Secrets’ for sustainable success to their clients and members! Watch for upcoming events in future Success Matters broadcasts.

There are many other speaking events being planned, so watch for upcoming events in future Success Matters broadcasts.

  • December 4, 2009: The 5 Secrets to a Female Leader's Sustainable Success . . . Who Knows YOU and What You Do WELL?
  • Sponsor:   Penn State Great Valley, “Lunch In Focus Event”
    Location:  30 East Swedesford Road, Malvern, PA 19355

    Limited seating of 150, so registration was initially open to Penn State GV Clients and Students with F*REE lunch provided by Faunbrook Catering.

    If you aren’t able to attend, the event will be videotaped, and made available on Penn State GV website. I will be posting the link in a future edition.

Would you like to inspire your organization to discover the ‘5 Secrets’ about ‘Unique Genius’ for greater focus, productivity, and sustainable success?

Click on the link for Gerrie’s website to learn more about her speaking:

Phone:  610-429-0359

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Feature Article:
“I get people to do things they don’t want to do
and LIKE IT!” - Harry Truman

What a quote, right?! You might be thinking, how arrogant of someone to think that they can get someone to do ‘things’ they don’t want to do and LIKE IT … that’s the kicker! I prefer to think that Former President Truman was referring to ‘positive things’ that a leader is able to effect.

Some of our greatest leaders have this ability and are highly regarded and well respected for their vision and confidence.

  • When you reflect on who you define as a great leader, who comes to your mind? Is it a political figure, high level elected official, corporate CEO, or thought leader in the entertainment industry?

That’s the type of role that most people think of. However, the Unique Genius Model refers to people, in all walks of life and levels of ‘leadership’. Unique Genius refers to each individual showing up with integrity, being the best that they can be, authentically.

I’m pushing the issue a bit with this thought, I know. But, I recently had a conversation with someone who I consider to be a leader in his own right. But, in his mind, he isn’t a leader because he is an ‘Individual Contributor”, although he is functioning at a senior level, comparable to a Director level.

Imagine a Mail Carrier as a leader. On a recent Oprah show, five Mail Carriers were recognized for their bravery and courage! Would they be considered leaders?

You can read the article about them in People Magazine, August 24, 2009 – Mail Carriers to the Rescue!,,20299020,00.html

Your Coaching Challenge this month is to reflect on YOU as a leader, someone with [positive] power to influence whether at work or in your personal life. Step out a little more boldly than you did last month, stretch your power to influence muscle a bit more in preparation for our entry into the next decade!

     How would you rate yourself on the characteristics below?
            1 = Rarely            2 = Sometimes            3 = Frequently

1.  "I have the ability to get people to do things they don't want to do and like it."
     (quote by Harry Truman)     Your Personal Rating:             

Your Coaching Questions:

  • Who do you know that is able to recruit people to ‘do what they don’t want to and like it’? Envision their behavior ...
  • What are some of the strategies or approaches that they use to obtain the support and participation of others?
  • Who do you know that people resist doing what they ask? Envision their behavior ...
  • Where are the gaps in their behavior that turn people off when they try to influence them?

Tune into future editions of Success Matters and identify what you can do to stretch yourself and duplicate the secrets to sustainable success!

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Gerrie Recommends

Get Back to Work Faster: The Ultimate Job Seekers Guide for Professionals. Author, Jill Konrath with Jeff Ogden. Publisher: Jill Konrath, 2009

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This book will change how you look at job hunting for good. You won't learn how to write a better resume, dress for interviews or discuss benefits. Instead, you'll find out how to eliminate that ordeal entirely.”

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‘Unique Genius’™ Coaching

Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity.

Gerrie delivers high impact individual and team coaching through the Unique Genius™ Coaching Model. As a result, her clients get UNSTUCK and . . .

  • Articulate their value with confidence and authenticity and get known as a credible expert.
  • Navigate the corporate landscape with more savvy.
  • Negotiate new opportunities and leverage today’s successes for longer range strategic goals.

If you are serious about standing out IN a crowd and creating sustainable success, contact Gerrie for your 30 minute exploratory consultation at

Gerrie Dresser is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative career strategist and thought leader.

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