Success Matters: #23 May 2010
What’s the connection between generosity and leading by [positive] example?
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Gerrie Dresser,
The Leadership Strategist / Executive Coach for Mid-Career Leaders and Leadership Teams . . .

Coaching you to articulate your unique value, stand out IN a crowd, and create sustainable career success!

Conversations and strategies about how to stand out IN a crowd and create sustainable success while making a difference through high impact contributions.

A Message from Gerrie


What has been most meaningful or exciting for you this past month . . . either in your personal or professional life?

One of my most heart warming moments was at a family gathering, recognizing my 7 year old nephew. Although he was intent on working on his video game when I was departing, his father put on his mentor hat and ‘invited’ my nephew to be a gracious host. I was touched when my nephew very sincerely said, “Thank you, Gerrie, for coming to my party and taking time to spend the day with us.”

Wouldn’t you love to be acknowledged like that in your professional life? Imagine your boss stopping by your office at the end of the day and thanking you for your contribution! As Maria Gamb mentioned during our Virtual Café call on May 11, it just takes one person to shift the energy.

  • Whether you’re the boss or direct report (or both), you can act as the change agent and begin to shift the energy!

As I reflected further about my nephew and his father’s mentoring, it struck me that my nephew is learning some critical leadership skills and redirecting behaviors that could derail him as a leader.

Bea Fields, President of the global Bea Fields Companies, Inc. and Founder of Five Star Leader Coaching and Training, observed 100 behaviors that derail leaders and negatively impact their credibility and trust.

Examples of these behaviors that my nephew might have displayed, but was redirected through his early leadership mentoring:

  1. “Arrogance, a know it all attitude”
  2. “Overly task oriented”
  3. “Lack of political savvy”
  4. “Unable to build rapport”
  5. “Gets bogged down in details”

Many of you get bogged down in details, reporting that you have so much to do that you can’t avoid getting bogged down in details. As a result, you feel stressed and overwhelmed and challenged with being politically savvy when the rules are constantly changing.

It is an ongoing challenge for leaders at all levels!

The POSITIVE news is that we are in the midst of a major evolution in our business world that requires a different set of leadership capabilities and insights. It’s a world that supports more creativity and innovation and rewards generosity.

  • Are you on board with the new world of business . . . ‘leading by [positive] example’ and generously recognizing the REMARKABLE talents of your direct reports?

Enjoy a uniquely perfect day.


P.S. – Watch for the Announcement, being broadcast next week, about our June 8 Unique Genius Virtual Café Event with Julie Cohen, Professional Certified Coach and author of ‘Your Work, Your Life . . .Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance”.

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Unique Genius Virtual Café: Upcoming Events

Our Unique Genius Virtual Café Event is scheduled on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00Noon – 12:55pm to help you create sustainable success and stand out IN a crowd for your unique, credible expertise.

Let me know what topics YOU want to hear about!

Julie brings 20 years experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial entities to her work as a coach. Her passion and personal focus on work-life balance evolves as she integrates her roles as business owner, mother, wife, pianist, yoga student and recycling enthusiast.

Julie will share insights about her proven approach to sustaining a harmonious and fulfilling life that she outlines in her results-oriented book. In her book, she describes inspiring stories and provides practical tools to streamline your life, such as how to stop the cycle of stress, fatigue and frustration and how to create boundaries and set priorities to accomplish what needs to be done and still having time left over for you.

  • July 2010: We’re On Vacation! Watch for our upcoming Unique Genius Virtual Café events in August in our next edition of Success Matters, coming out in late July.

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Speaking Events!

To celebrate the message about ‘Unique Genius’, organizations and corporations are sponsoring speaking events about the ‘5 Secrets for Sustainable Success'! Watch for upcoming events in Success Matters.

  • May 26: “Stand out IN a Crowd with Your Unique Brand Promise of Value”
    Focus:     Recognize or strengthen your personal brand and unique promise of value . . . after all, it’s easier to sell YOU when YOU believe in your value!
    Sponsor: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Women in Transition Affinity Group
    Location: Villanova University, Villanova PA.
    Contact: Click on, Events, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, May 26

To learn more about Gerrie’s speaking and make a referral to your organization, click on link:

Phone:  610-429-0359

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Feature Article:
What’s the connection between generosity and
leading by [positive] example?

  • What IS this NEW world of business? In his new book, Linchpin, Seth Godin reinforces the importance of BEING REMARKABLE and standing out by generously sharing your unique talents.

However, you may be fearful and uncertain about your job, so you hesitate to stand out too visibly. Many people also talk about how the fear leads to overwork, overextension, and overwhelm. And, what does this lead to … feeling tired and stressed.

Although it seems like a vicious cycle, one of the secrets to reversing the feeling of fear is to do just the opposite. Stand out in a way that is authentic and transparent. Rather than overworking, set healthy boundaries for yourself while also being flexible in your professional and personal life.

For example, if you want to exercise 5 times / week, but you find that it takes away from family time with your extended work schedule, schedule yourself for 3 times / week. You may not be aware of it, but you are demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to others around you. You’re ‘leading by [positive] example’.

It is so easy to get caught up in overextending yourself. After all, if you’re the GO TO person, wouldn’t you be more valuable?

  • The question to ask yourself is, “Is what I’m doing to be known as the GO TO person making me valuable and in-dispensable or non-essential and expendable?

My observation points to a simple, inside-out solution to standing out, daring to be REMARKABLE, and generously ‘leading by [positive] example’.

When you are juggling and multi-tasking, you start to feel out of sync within yourself. However, once you’re aligned within yourself, everything else seems to come together more easily. Your ‘creative intelligence’ kicks in. You come up with a solution to achieve the task(s) more easily and more strategically. So, in less time and less effort!

  • So, what would it take for you to align within yourself? Being in integrity means keeping your promises to yourself. It means feeling a sense of integration between your two ‘life’ worlds - work and personal.

Julie Cohen will describe her perspective about ‘work-life SATISFACTION’ in our Virtual Café on June 8. It’s a new way of looking at work-life balance. Have you ever TRIED to get and maintain balance in your life? I experienced frustration myself when I tried to bring balance to my work-life until I learned about the concept of being in the ‘flow’ of life.

  • So, to have the energy, creativity, and resources to BE REMARKABLE and generously ‘lead by [positive] example . . . what would you need to let go of, what healthy and flexible boundaries would you need to set to ensure alignment within yourself, how would you need to reset your priorities?

To learn more about the NEW world of business, check out Seth Godin’s books, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? and Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

Your Coaching Challenge this month . . . set healthy boundaries and honor your highest priorities.

How would you rate yourself on the characteristics below?
  1 = Rarely            2 = Sometimes            3 = Frequently

1. I am able to focus on the strategic goals and tasks of each day, and complete them as planned. I find time at the end of the day to prepare for the next day’s goals. 

Your Personal Rating:              

2. Although it takes some thought, I am able to let go of the unimportant details that get me locked into a cycle of procrastination, and refocus my attention on the important / not urgent tasks. 

Your Personal Rating:              

3. I am known to deliver on my commitments with high quality before the deadline, scheduling buffer time for the unexpected.    

Your Personal Rating:              

Tune into future editions of Success Matters and identify what you can do to discover more secrets to sustainable success!

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Gerrie Recommends

The Truth About Sucking Up: How Authentic Self-Promotion Benefits You and Your Organization. Author: Gina Hernez-Broome; Cindy McLaughlin; Stephanie Trovas. Publisher: CCL Press (Center for Creative Leadership), 2009

“Why do organizations so often reward the most vocal or most visible even if they aren’t the most qualified?

This is a critically important question. Beyond bruised egos and a free-floating sense of unfairness lies a larger organizational problem: when the wrong people get noticed and rewarded, organizations suffer. Projects fail, goals are not met, employee morale and motivation disintegrate, and cynicism festers. This book can help you prevent those drastic outcomes by making authentic self-promotion part of your everyday work life.”

To order, click here . . .

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