Success Matters: #16 September 2009
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Gerrie Dresser,
The Leadership Strategist / Executive Coach for Mid-Career Leaders and Leadership Teams . . .

Coaching you to articulate your unique value, stand out IN a crowd, and create sustainable career success!

Conversations and strategies about how to stand out IN a crowd and create sustainable success while making a difference through high impact contributions.

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A Message from Gerrie


Have you ever wondered what YOUR 'Unique Genius' is?

Many people are intrigued with knowing … and even more intrigued with knowing how OTHERS perceive their ‘Unique Genius’!

It’s very simply, the synergistic interplay between your ‘uniqueness factors’ and how you show up in the world with authenticity and credibility.  To learn more, register for our FREE PREVIEW CALL on Wednesday, September 23!

Unfortunately, there are many leaders who don’t’ show up at their best because of internal and external pressures.  They are either paralyzed in a state of fear about the news of unemployment increasing and more jobs being eliminated.  At the same time, there are contradictory reports about jobs opening up and the economy improving!

What’s one to believe?  It can be quite confusing.

However, at the very core of your success through any challenge is your belief in the possibility of an outcome that is perfect for you, now.

Beyond your beliefs, there are clues that successful people leave.  Have you ever heard the saying, ‘success leaves clues’?

Well, over the past 15 years, I have studied the success clues of over 100 leaders from diverse industries, such as business, entertainment, the media, politics, and government to identify the clues that they leave!

What I discovered . . . Many of these leaders have experienced tremendous setbacks from failed product launches, unforeseen business challenges, political party changes at all levels of government, and unexpected life circumstances. 

However, they all landed in a better position AS A RESULT OF the setback!

So, I asked myself … What are the clues to their success that can be duplicated by YOU?
Through my research, I’ve identified core characteristics and personal attributes of these leaders and common practices, the foundation steps in the proven ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model.   

Are you ready to get started to duplicate their success through the 5 secrets to sustainable success?

Schedule YOU on your calendar to read our feature article, What Emotional Response Do You Evoke In Others?.  Then, take ACTION! on your responses to the Coaching Questions. 

Watch for more success clues to achieve sustainable success in future editions of Success

Enjoy a uniquely perfect day, %$firstname$%.


P.S. –Join us for the FREE PREVIEW CALL to learn more the Unique Genius Virtual Team Coaching Program.


Special News

Hot off the Press!

Website Launch & NEW Virtual Team Coaching Program!

I am excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website and the NEW Virtual Team Coaching Program, based on the proven, ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model!

My gift to you . . . a $100 Gift Certificate.

Gift Code: VTC100.  Expires, 10/8.  It can be applied to the Virtual Team Coaching Program OR NEW Client enrollment.

$100 gift certificate

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Speaking Events!

The Unique Genius Message!

To celebrate the message about ‘Unique Genius’, I was invited to speak to many organizations and share the ‘5 Secrets’ for sustainable success

There are many other speaking events being planned, so watch for upcoming events in future Success Matters broadcasts.

  • March 5, 2009:  Who Knows YOU and What You Do WELL?  The 5 Secrets to Sustainable Success

  • Sponsor:  Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), Mid-Atlantic Chapter
    Leigh Ann Ruggles, President; Jessica Pfennig, Director, Program

  • March 28, 2009:  Discover Your Unique Genius . . . stand out IN a crowd. DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF.

  • Sponsor: Network of Women in Computer Technology (NWCT), Philadelphia Chapter – Annual Saturday Seminar
    Lanina Cavicchio, President; Charlene Santucci, Program Chair

  • April 18, 2009:  Discover Your Unique Genius . . . stand out IN a crowd . . . don’t be one OF the crowd!

  • Sponsor: Neumann University, Special Series:  ‘Market Yourself in 2009’
    Judi Stanaitis, Director of Alumni /Special Programs.  Sponsor, Alumni:  Lisa Fusco, President, The Harbour Insurance Group, Inc; Phil Fusco, Fusco Insurance Agency

  • May 12, 2009:  Executive Career Strategies for a Challenging Economic Climate, Panel Presentation

  • Sponsor: Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group, Supply Chain & Operations Sub-Group
    Tim Cathers, Sub-Group Chair; Steve English, Co-Chair

  • June 4, 2009:  Entrepreneurial Spirit & Excellence, Panel Discussion

  • Sponsor: Siemens Women’s Affinity Group (SWAN), Siemens Medical Solutions
    Cherie Montgomery, Chairperson; Ellen Hennesy, Special Events Officer

  • June 19, 2009:  Discover Your ‘Unique Genius’ . . . The Key to a Powerful and Memorable Leadership Brand!

  • Sponsor: Mid-Atlantic Oracle Application Users Group (MAOAUG) Spring Conference 2009. Lee Tsao, Managing Partner, Business Technology Services

  • September 10, 2009:  5 Secrets to Sustainable Career Success . . . WHO Knows YOU and What You Do WELL?

  • Sponsor: Siemens Women’s Affinity Group (SWAN), Siemens Medical Solutions
    Cherie Montgomery, Chairperson; Ellen Hennesy, Special Events Officer

Would you like to inspire your organization to discover the ‘5 Secrets’ about ‘Unique Genius’ for greater focus, productivity, and sustainable success?

Click on the link for Gerrie’s website to learn more about her speaking:

Phone:  610-429-0359

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Feature Article:
What Emotional Response Do You Evoke In Others?

Take a few minutes to envision someone who you admire as a respected and masterful leader. Got the image?

Now, imagine s/he walking into a room . . . what do you notice?  Often, we don’t pick up specific characteristics or attributes, but we notice that they command respect in all situations.  There is something about s/he that people notice.  One author refers to as “IT”.  They have “IT”.

Believe or not, we all have “IT”.   To discover your “IT”,  identify and honor your personal attributes that evoke a positive emotional response in others and be proud of your unique qualities and capabilities.  As a result, you show up at your best so that you stand out IN a crowd in a way that is authentic and sincere.

So, you might be asking, how does this relate to creating sustainable success?  It’s another simple concept, people do business with people that they ‘know, like and trust’.

In order to experience the freedom of sustainable success, today’s dynamic business environment demands more than keeping your head down.  It demands that people get to ‘know, like, and trust’ you in a way that evokes a positive response from others when they meet you.

Here is a self-assessment coaching exercise about personal attributes, one of the ‘uniqueness factors’ that impact sustainable success.  You’ll be learning more about these in upcoming articles in Success Matters.

How would you rate yourself on these two personal attributes or characteristics?
            1 = Rarely            2 = Sometimes            3 = Frequently

1. People clearly know what they can expect from me in delivering results and what my ‘unique promise of value’ is. 

    Your Coaching Questions:

  • What are 3-5 subtle behaviors that someone would notice about you that clearly identifies what they can expect from you?
  • If you expect something negative from someone, based on their consistent behavior, what would you need to do to shift your belief to a positive expectation about their behavior?
  • How would someone describe your ‘unique promise of value’, i.e., one of your direct reports, a team member, a colleague, your boss? 
2. I know the strongest and most positive aspect of my character, and I display it with humility and confidence, consistently.
  • What are 3-5 of your characteristics that others have noticed about you that make you stand out in a positive way?
  • What behaviors do you see in others when they promote their qualities in a way that evokes a positive emotional response in others, i.e., they aren’t seen as bragging or self-promoting?
  • What can you do, immediately, that is authentic and sincere, to evoke a more positive emotional response in others?

These are a few personal attributes that factor into your strategic plan for sustainable success!

Tune into future editions of Success Matters and identify what you can do to stretch yourself and duplicate the secrets to sustainable success!

Gerrie Recommends

The Think Big Manifesto:  Think you can’t change your life (and the world)?  Think again.  Author, Michael Port.  Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2009

“In The Think Big Manifesto, Michael Port calls you, and the world, to action by offering a simple solution to a serious syndrome.  Think big, commit to quantum change, envision your future, climb your mountains, and incite the resolutions our society needs – if it is to survive.”

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‘Unique Genius’™ Coaching

Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity.

Gerrie delivers high impact individual and team coaching through the Unique Genius™ Coaching Model. As a result, her clients get UNSTUCK and . . .

  • Articulate their value with confidence and authenticity and get known as a credible expert.
  • Navigate the corporate landscape with more savvy.
  • Negotiate new opportunities and leverage today’s successes for longer range strategic goals.

If you are serious about standing out IN a crowd and creating sustainable success, contact Gerrie for your 30 minute exploratory consultation at

Gerrie Dresser is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative career strategist and thought leader.

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