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Publications Authored by Gerrie


Have you heard the buzz about the digital magazine, Healthcare Sales & Marketing (HS&M), which launched with the June/July 2014 Edition?

HS&M is the only magazine of its kind in the healthcare industry / marketplace with the sales AND marketing focus. In addition to featured articles, HS&M digital magazine reports on the daily trends and issues in the broad pharmaceutical / healthcare industry.

  • I’m honored to author an article, “Self Innovation – Navigating the Sales & Marketing Ladder”, in HS&M November/December 2014 Issue. Click here to read the full article.

The article features a roundtable conversation that I moderated among four executives in the commercial function in the pharmaceutical industry. For more specifics, see below.

LinkedIn recently launched PULSE, a blog section on their platform that is organized by categories. To give you an indication of the viewing trends, one leadership coach, Jasbindar Singh who is in one of my mastermind groups, had 41,429 views of one of her posts.

With viewing numbers like that, there must be a lot of people who were attracted to the title, “7 tips for when you have lost your mojo

  • I posted the first of many articles on Pulse, LinkedIn’s blog center, and invite you to view the article, “5 Steps to Think More Strategically” to learn THE leadership issue that cuts across all leadership levels. (See the specifics and link below.)

It’s very exciting to be able to share valuable messages with such a wide and diverse audience.

I invite you to view both articles and subscribe to HS&M!

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Gerrie Dresser
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Publications Authored by Gerrie 


About this publication the publication for healthcare sales and marketing leaders


November | December 2014 Issue!

“Self Innovation – Navigating the Sales & Marketing Ladder” features a roundtable conversation that I moderated among four executives in the commercial function in the pharmaceutical industry.

These four executives were selected for the roundtable because of their exceptional contribution in developing talent and achieving excellence in their own careers.

  • Jeff Conklin, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Marianne Jackson, Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Operations, Shire Pharmaceuticals and Board Chair, Greater Delaware Valley Chapter, National MS Society

  • Abigail Jenkins, Executive Director, Head of Market Access, Relypsa Inc

  • David Nicoli, Public Affairs Consultant, President, The Nicoli Consulting Group, LLC

Some of the key concepts that the panel discussed were strategies that they’ve used to build a solid power base.

These four concepts include: Concentric Circles; Surround Sound; Strategic Contribution; Portfolio Strategy.

Click here to read the full article.

The November | December 2014 issue also brings you news of innovation on the march - in products, strategy, even in creating a great career for yourself.

  • Check out articles on the future of medicine, advances in social media and how gamification can help promote adherence.
  • To access the November/December issue, click here:

View archive issues and watch upcoming HS&M issues for more insights and strategies from leaders in the healthcare sales and marketing arena.

In the September/October Issue, the Annual Compensation and Hiring Report was featured.

If you are a leader in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare IT or biotech industries or work with leaders in these industries, I encourage you to subscribe to the magazine.

HS&M is published by Jacobs Management Group,, chosen as the healthcare industry's recruiting expert by 65% of the top 20 pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies.

Cari Kraft is CEO and President of Jacobs Management Group and Publisher of HS&M; Neil Greenberg is Editor of HS&M.

Pulse The news and insights you need to know.

 I posted the first of many articles on Pulse, LinkedIn’s blog center, and invite you to view the article, “5 Steps to Think More Strategically” to learn THE leadership issue that cuts across all leadership levels.

Whether you’re an executive with accountability for an organization of 100+ people and a strategic, high risk outcome or an individual contributor with accountability for a functional project deliverable, have you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I save time, work more productively, integrate the big picture with the functional details, and THRIVE in today’s uncertain environment?”

For tips and strategies to THRIVE, read the full article:

Watch for more Pulse Posts each week!

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