Success Matters: A Holiday Message about ‘Kindness’ December 2008


Gerrie's Holiday Message for 2008!

Gerrie DresserGreetings!

Each year, I love to take the time in selecting a message that will inspire us as we look forward to the New Year.

2008 has been a year with many changes and shifts, and I observed a theme that is showing up in all areas.

  • People are being more intentional about their holiday gift giving. Yes, it’s about the economy, but being more thoughtful about the meaning in the gift may be the silver lining.

  • People who are in ‘career transition’ are discovering the generosity of others who share their wisdom and volunteer to make personal introductions, a step beyond simply providing a name for them to contact.

What themes are you noticing that reflect a positive shift in energy that is also bringing more community into our world?

The quote that I selected this year is related to Kindness:

“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” --Theodore Isaac Rubin

Article, Leading With Kindness, is directly quoted from the Daily Good website:

Leading With Kindness

"A new way of managing is emerging.

Some of the world's most successful companies are realizing that the better they treat their employees, the more productive they get. College opportunities, flexible schedules, advanced health care plans or transparency between ranks are only a few examples of a new phenomenon known as leading with kindness.

Businessmen and professors William F. Baker and Michael O'Malley have traveled across the country seeking the kindest companies and leaders. They found that the better employees were treated, the most successful companies were.

The rule applied both to big companies like Google and small family businesses where kindness is part of the owner's culture."

Be The Change:

On this website, I also discovered many resources about Kindness, particularly in our business world! Check it out . . .

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season and a New Year overflowing with Kindness!



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