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Gerrie Dresser, PCC
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Courageous Leader . . .
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A Personal Note from Gerrie


Happy 2015!

If you didn’t hear the news, this week’s snow storm breezed over PA and NY, but the people along the eastern New England coast were blasted with close to 3 feet of snow with strong winds and hurricane like weather patterns.

We’ve officially launched the 2015 winter storm cycle in the Northeast with snow, sleet, freezing rain, cold, and continuous schedule changes.

  • How has this affected YOUR deadlines, travel schedule, missed opportunities, and stress level?

If you resolved to be more patient and open to other’s ideas for the New Year, the first month’s weather could have blown your New Year’s resolution already.

Stress shows up in different responses, but it often triggers your ‘default’ behavior.

  • Do you know what your ‘default behavior’ is?

Is it feeling a need to accelerate activity, and others criticize you for being ‘controlling’, the polar opposite of ‘demonstrating personal flexibility’?

Take note of these references that are often clues to your ‘blindspot’.

I was fortunate to work in a ‘high feedback/open door’ entrepreneurial culture with frequent feedback about my performance or behavior.

There was no guessing about my blind spots or hidden strengths. Since the feedback was delivered with the intention of mentoring, it was easier to ‘hear’ the message and apply the learning.

  • What’s your reaction when you receive ‘constructive feedback’? Do you welcome it, request it, or avoid it at all cost?

For 2015, I invite you to embrace feedback as a strategy to keep your career on track and position your unique value as an expert!

  • If you avoid feedback or receive it with caution, do you know what a lack of feedback is costing you, the company and the economy for even ONE derailed executive?

The numbers will astound you, as will the ONE factor that takes a lead role in a leader’s derailment … lack of self-awareness.

Before you lose focus on your 2015 resolutions, read the Feature Article to elevate your self-awareness about your blindspots and your hidden strengths that could be keeping you STUCK!

Celebrate Your 2015 Resolutions!


Gerrie Dresser
Executive l Personal Brand Coach
Who helps courageous leaders
Accelerate GROWTH through Leadership

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Speaking Events


From small, intimate groups to major corporate events, our high content – high energy - high value events - are custom designed to inspire, engage and motivate your organization, so that change happens and sticks. Each participant is motivated to face challenges head on and step up to more courageous leadership!

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  • February 25: Webinar “5 Strategies to Elevate Your Leadership Impact”

“Building a strategic leadership platform is critical for sustainable success. Join us for insights on five building blocks to elevate your leadership impact.”


Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (, Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Online Webinar
Wednesday, February 25,2015: 12:00Noon – 1:00PM (ET)
Speaker: Gerrie Dresser


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  • March 31: Executive Panel on “Influencing Savvy: How to Sell Your Idea Without Authority”

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (, Greater Philadelphia Chapter
Location: West Pharmaceutical Services, Exton PA
Date/Time: Tuesday, March 31, 2015: 5:30pm-8:30pm (ET)
Register: Online registration link will be activated by mid-February
Moderator: Gerrie Dresser



Gerrie Dresser, CEO of Unique Impact, is a nationally-acclaimed speaker, known for her dynamic delivery of high content, high energy, and high value presentations laced with real world examples and “how to” strategies for immediately actionable outcomes.

To learn more about Gerrie’s speaking and make a referral to your organization, click on link:

Phone: +1 (484) 947-5992

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Feature Article:

“The ONE Secret Factor to Long-Term Career Success . . . Even in an Accelerated Business Vortex!”  

The ONE secret factor to long term career success is almost like the ‘secret of youth’. If we knew what it was, wouldn’t we all want it?

If you’re like many people in the business world . . . you love WHAT you do, but you have a heavy weight on your mind.

You may know that your company will be acquired by a larger corporation, will be relocating offices, or may need to downsize. So, you’d jump at the opportunity to gain access to the ‘secret to long term career success’.

It is simple and challenging at the same time. It requires a different mindset and leadership development strategy that involves authenticity, transparency and openness to increasing your self-awareness.

Previous to my experience in the ‘high feedback/open doorculture, I worked for a company that had a ‘behind your back/closed door’ culture.

If you had ‘blind spots’ or ‘hidden strengths’, you had to guess at what they were. There was an overtone of vigilance and caution that suppressed innovation and creativity, critical factors in any company’s sustained success.

One of the top business gurus, as noted by Harvard University, stated that leadership blindspots can cripple a business and derail or at least stall a leader’s career with a hefty price tag to our economy!

According to Korn Ferry Institute (October 2010), “one estimate put derailment of ONE C-suite executive at $12 million to $50 million”.

Korn Ferry also quoted “the failure (derailment or stall) of top executives costs the economy as much as $13.8 billion per year”.

Although there are significant financial impacts, the personal and professional impacts on the executive and his/her family are widespread.

  • So what is the ONE factor that is “associated with HIGH performance and potential and an indicator of long-term success”?

It is simply, Self-Awareness which often becomes more challenging as you advance in leadership.

On the flip side, Blindspots are “perhaps the single best predictor of LOW performance appraisal ratings”. (Korn Ferry Institute, October 2010)

In fact, blindspots are such critical factors in your long-term success, a book has been written on the subject, “Leadership Blindspots” by Robert Bruce Shaw.

  • Now the question is, what are key strategies to increase your self-awareness?

It involves your own self-assessment, as well as honest and forthright feedback from others. I’ve listed below the most effective strategies that will increase your authenticity and awareness of your blindspots and hidden strengths. It’s a forward thinking process that is not for the ‘faint of heart’.

  • Are you up for the opportunity to gain insights about one of the best indicators of long term career success?

Your Coaching Challenge*: Activate the 3 Keys to Discover Your ‘Blindspots’

  1. Self-Assessment: There are many valid and reliable self-assessments including the DISC, Career Anchors, Myers Briggs Temperament Type Indicator (MBTI).

  2. Others-Assessment: An anonymous 360 assessment is the most challenging and also the most critical in assessing your Hidden Strengths and Blindspots. For example, you may feel lacking in Confidence while others perceive you to be high in Courage. There is a big gap in perception that needs to be realigned so you show up your most powerful self.

    NOTE: It’s important to work with a trusted professional to help you interpret the results and map out a positive development plan.

  3. Expand Your Network: Spend more time with customers, your employees, and industry thought leaders which means more time ‘out of the office’. Be observant of their response and feedback that may give you clues to the ‘truth’ of your blindspots and hidden strengths!

In our next article, you’ll learn more about how you may underestimate your capabilities, referred to as ‘hidden strengths’. These are the opposite of ‘blindspots’ in which you overestimate your capabilities.

*I am certified in many assessment tools, including the ‘Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor’ (, with extensive experience in working with clients to integrate the results into a cohesive and distinctive personal brand. Feel free to contact me for a complimentary and confidential exploratory conversation: 

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Unique Impact Coaching


Do you know what differentiates you as a
credible and authentic expert?

To remain competitive and innovative, companies need leaders, like you, who have the capacity to think in more complex ways and set a vision that inspires and engages the growing number of matrix-managed teams to operate at a high performance level.

  • Have you hit a plateau or feel stuck and stretched beyond capacity with the increased complexity of your role?
  • Are you confused about how to clearly and concisely articulate your distinctive value that reflects your distinctive ‘personal brand’?
  • Are you struggling with overwhelm and wish you could be more influential in your leadership?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then coaching might be a great step forward for you!

To schedule a complimentary Unique Impact Discovery Session, contact me at

For more information about Gerrie Dresser, an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative thought leader, click here:

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