Courageous Leader: #02 April 2014
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Gerrie Dresser, PCC
The Executive / Personal Brand Coach for Courageous Leaders and Innovative Companies to . . .

Maximize their distinctive value and deliver strategic impact through an engaged team effort.

Courageous Leader . . .
“Live boldly. Embrace Your Value. Lead from the Front.”

A Personal Note from Gerrie


What would you guess to be THE leadership issue that cuts across all leadership levels?

Whether you’re an executive with accountability for an organization of 100+ people and a strategic, high risk outcome or an individual contributor with accountability for a functional project deliverable, have you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I save time, work more productively, integrate the big picture with the functional details, and THRIVE in today’s uncertain environment?

It’s all about working more strategically, THE most frequent ‘development area’ for leaders who aspire to a higher level of leadership and often a blind spot for executives.

It’s an area of confusion for the boss and direct report which is a critical partnership in any business venture. Many clients report that they don’t understand what their boss is looking for and bosses aren’t able to clearly articulate the behaviors that demonstrate ‘strategic thinking’.

To build your own development plan and stand out as a strategic thinker, I invite you to read part one in a series of Featured Articles on ‘strategic thinking’, “What is really good enough?”

Celebrate Your Distinctive Impact in the World!


Gerrie Dresser
Executive l Personal Brand Coach
Who helps courageous leaders
Accelerate GROWTH through Leadership

Features:  What's Included ...

Speaking Events

  • Did you know that one of the most effective ways to introduce a new concept or perspective is through small group discussions, orchestrated through experiential workshops?

Initiating and implementing organizational change is one of the most challenging undertakings of leaders. It involves time, planning, and collaboration across all stakeholder groups to introduce a strategic, predictable sequence of events.

From small, intimate groups to major corporate events, our
high content – high energy - high value events - are custom designed to inspire, engage and motivate your organization, so that change happens and sticks. Each participant is motivated to face challenges head on and step up to more courageous leadership!

Upcoming Event:

  • May 20: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Mentoring Program Kick-Off*

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (, Greater Philadelphia Chapter
Location: Shire Pharmaceutical, Chesterbrook, PA
Date/Time: Tuesday, May 20, 2014: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
By invitation only for Mentors, Mentees, Shire Sponsors, Committee Members

*HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter is hosting a Kick-Off Event to launch its Mentoring Pilot Program in which Mentoring Circles will be formed to help mentees set and work toward personal and professional goals.

  • To jump start the Kick-Off event, I’m moderating a panel conversation with four experienced mentors and mentees to share their experiences, challenges, and successes with the audience.

Gerrie Dresser, CEO of Unique Impact, is a nationally-acclaimed speaker, known for her dynamic delivery of high content, high energy, and high value presentations laced with real world examples and “how to” strategies for immediately actionable outcomes.

To learn more about Gerrie’s speaking and make a referral to your organization, click on link:

Phone: 484-947-5992

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Feature Article:
“What Is Really Good Enough?”  

  • If you’ve been told that you’re ‘not strategic’, have you asked yourself, “What am I NOT doing that I’m perceived as ‘not strategic’?”
  • Even more importantly, “What can I DO to be more strategic?”

Many clients have reported feeling frustrated and discouraged when they are given feedback that they aren’t strategic. It affects their advancement, self-confidence, and personal brand.

The shocking fact is that they function strategically and made significant contributions beyond their immediate functional role.

In working with many clients on having a more powerful impact in their daily functioning, they’ve also elevated their strategic thinking by dedicating ‘think time’ on their calendar and aligning with their distinctive talents.

As we worked together, they gained more clarity about their strategic capabilities and confidence in their leadership. So, the leader, the boss, and the company benefited tremendously from a more empowered leader.

Below are a key strategies to STRETCH yourself and consistently function more strategically in the next month:

  1. Schedule ‘think time’. Are you scheduled for meetings from morning to night? This sets you up to work on the ‘important / urgent’ tasks rather than the strategic, high impact initiatives. By reserving time on your calendar for ‘think time’, you actually save yourself time and reduce stress.
  2. Shift your mindset to one of ‘good enough’. Do you find yourself working harder and continually striving for perfection in your functional area? Strategic thinking requires a mindset of being ‘good enough’, letting go of ‘working in the weeds’, and bringing your diligence into more balance by managing the big picture and details, simultaneously.
  3. Expand your peripheral vision. When faced with an opportunity to work on projects or committees outside your area of expertise, are you conflicted with taking on more when you already feel overwhelmed? One of the keys to strategic thinking is to expand your understanding of the business and let go of a meticulous focus on the details.
  4. Develop a curiosity about how an executive thinks. Have you ever made an assumption about an executive’s rationale for a decision, only to discover that their reasoning was based on a much different set of assumptions? Engage the executive in a dialogue about their decision to gain a more global outlook and strengthen your business acumen.
  5. Build wide networks. Do you feel like you need fresh ideas for more innovative solutions? Your boss encourages you to ‘think bigger’, but do you feel at a loss for game changing information? By taking time to build relationships outside the boundaries of your company and functional area, you anticipate new trends, changes in the industry, and generate more creative thinking.

Your Coaching Challenge:

In the month ahead, are you ready to STRETCH yourself and let go of the temptation to deal with what’s right in front of you and broaden your perspective?

  1. Who will you contact in the next month inside and / or outside the company to expand your thinking?
  2. What day and time each week will you consistently reserve for ‘think time’?
  3. How will you make sure the meticulous research and detail required for your functional role gets handled or step back and redefine the level of detail that is really ‘good enough’?

Watch for more ways to stand out as a strategic thinker in next month’s edition of Courageous Leader!

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Unique Impact Coaching


Coaching is a confidential partnership between you, the Client, and your Coach to help you achieve your next level of success faster and with greater focus and clarity. Some of the benefits include . . .

  • Positions you as a more influential leader
  • Earn the respect and trust of other leaders across all functional areas
  • Other leaders easily recognize what's different, relevant and unique about you
  • Create loyal ‘brand advocates’ who endorse you
  • Helps you forge collaborative partnerships across the organization
  • You are sought out to lead high visibility, highly leveraged and credible projects

Gerrie Dresser is an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and practical, innovative executive l personal brand coach and thought leader.

If you’re ready to step into a bigger game for your work / life, contact Gerrie for a complimentary Unique Impact Strategic Consultation at

For more information about Gerrie:

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