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“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” Dwight Eisenhower

Services for Individual and Corporations

Customized One-On-One Coaching

Make Change Happen and Stick . . . Engage with Your Coach as Your Thinking and Accountability Partner

Navigate the corporate environment . . . strategize leadership and functional challenges . . .  step into a higher level of leadership and strategic contribution.

Today's fast paced, dynamic business environment requires leaders at all levels to make tough decisions, to stay focused and adaptable at the same time.

Teaming up with a top notch ‘Unique Genius’ Coach helps executives, mid-career leaders, and high potential leaders to boost performance and attain business objectives.

But, you may be asking yourself, Why hire a coach? 

Let's look at a few well known celebrities . . . .

  • Why did Michael Jordan need a coach when he was the best basketball player in the world?
  • Why does Tiger Woods need a coach when he was recognized as the best golfer in the world in 2008 . . . and was the highest paid professional athlete in the same year?
Nicole Dunn, former producer for the TV reality show, Split Ends, decided to hire a Career Coach for the very same reason that you would enroll in our ‘Unique Genius’ coaching programs . . . uncertainty about your job or the company, feel STUCK and can't get past your current plateau, or want to do something more challenging or feel like you are making a difference.

For her investment in coaching, she not only landed a new job, several levels about her previous position, she almost tripled her salary!  (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, October 2008 edition, Cover Story)  Click here to read more . . .

What were her secrets?

She was in a stronger position to negotiate for the higher level job and salary because she could articulate her value clearly and concisely with strong conviction AND had researched the market value for her high impact contribution!

What are the secrets to YOUR sustainable success?  

Here are a few for you to have as 'top of mind' ...
  • Gain greater clarity and direction about your future
  • Assess your longevity with your current company
  • Leverage internal hidden job market for career advancement
  • Build a strategic career plan!

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NEW!  ‘Unique Genius’ Virtual Team Coaching

Collaborate with a Highly Connected, Inspiring, and Energizing Team to Discover Your Unique Value and Get Visible!  

Emerge from Uncertainty and Take Your Position in the Spotlight!

Our ‘Unique Genius’ Virtual Team Coaching Program mirrors the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model except that it’s designed to leverage the collaborative synergy of a team.  Our clients have been asking for a team model, so we launched the Virtual Team model in 2008!

A direct quote from Choice Magazine, the magazine of professional coaching, describes the value of this model . . . The Team is not the sum of the individual parts, but something larger, stronger and more durable than the members of the team.

The Virtual Team Model focuses on the content of the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model AND the team model in which the collective team support each individual’s unique coaching goal.   The guiding principles of the team include confidentiality, trust, personal commitment and team accountability.  As a result, team members promote both individual and collective performance.

This model is the perfect design for transformational change for mid-career and high potential leaders.   

One of the common challenges that my clients report is their resistance to be self-advocates and self-promote without feeling as though they are bragging.  

In the virtual team model, you try out new ideas and behaviors in a safe, confidential environment.   As a result, you champion each other's growth and strategic risk taking.
For example, during one of our virtual team action calls, one team member reported that she needed to make an immediate shift in her career, but she was stuck in a position that underplayed her strengths with little room for advancement or recognition for her contributions.   

We decided to do a ‘spot’ laser-focused brainstorming exercise in which all team members provided new ideas to move her career!  Within minutes, she had flipped her perspective to new possibilities for her next career move. 

The unexpected positive outcome of this team exercise was that it shifted other team members' perspectives, as well.  It is this synergistic collaboration that makes this model very powerful.

In Module 1, a prerequisite for Module 2 and 3, you complete Strategy 1 of the ‘Unique Genius’ Coaching Model and set the foundation for Module 2 and 3, based on Strategy 2 and 3 of the coaching model. 

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High Impact Team Coaching

Experience Break-through Results!
Align your team, synergistically, the hallmark of great companies!

Did you know that  . . . compassionate, but firm leadership can turnaround an organization through inspired leadership?

High Impact Team Coaching
integrates the specialized leadership capabilities required to build a strong team that is highly adaptable and innovative.

High impact teams are evolving as replacements for the traditional, hierarchical corporate structure... a major transition to a new corporate structure that is a flat, self-directed, and cross-functional organization.

Each client company benefits because high impact teams symbolize your best hope for developing innovative, energizing, highly efficient, and inspiring organization.

Synergistic teamwork leverages the talents in your organization to achieve transformational change and get significant and measurable business results.

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