About Success Associates

Success Associates is a coaching and consulting company that was founded in 2001 and launched the brand, Unique Genius™ in 2008.  

Our clients are high potential and mid-career leaders and business teams who are ready to achieve ‘big stretch’, targeted goals and step into a higher level of leadership, resulting in strategic, high impact contributions.

Our services and products focus on innovative career strategies, personal leadership branding, and effective execution of business strategies to enhance the leadership capabilities, strategic focus, and business results of our individual clients and client companies. 

Our Vision Statement

Purpose: What we stand for . . .

Our company is deeply committed to developing business leaders, at all levels of leadership, to be STANDOUT leaders, known for what they do best with authenticity and credibility!

As leaders with tremendous individual integrity, they lead with vision, innovation, and transparency, recognized and valued for standing out IN a crowd.  They value the adventure of uniquely contributing, continuously growing, and being rewarded for taking contrary positions with courage, accountability, and sound judgment.    

Mission:   What we focus on . . .

Our core strategy is to deliver a portfolio of services and products, based on the ‘Unique Genius’ coaching model, designed to revitalize the passion of business leaders to make a difference through their work AND lead a fulfilling and vibrant life. 

Our proven coaching strategies benefit the individual’s development goals, as well as the organization’s talent development and business goals. 

What are the most significant results that you’ll experience?  You will . . .  

  • Connect with the strength and conviction of your ‘Unique Genius’.
  • Clearly articulate the high impact contribution you make in your work environment.
  • Create a highly valued and influential community that helps to leverage your talents.
  • Enhance your creative, strategic and innovative thinking.
  • Be highly respected and strategically positioned to increase your economic capacity and sustainable success.

We measure success by our clients embracing WHO they are and WHAT they do as valued and unique contributors . . . that they continue to grow and develop with results that are sustainable over time.

Vision:  What we see as possible . . .

  • The pioneering and innovative spirit of business leaders is rekindled, with each leader being recognized for what each one has the capacity to BE.
  • Innovative leaders who leverage their uniqueness as a creative force in delivering high impact results.
  • Measurable business outcomes created through a collaborative and engaged team effort.
  • Business leaders fully playing out their greatest potential by uniquely contributing in their work life.

Values: What really matters to us, the ideas and beliefs we hold as foundational in our work . . .

  • Service:  Provide an experience that transforms each contact into an opportunity to touch the person’s life in a positive way that is personal, caring, and uplifting AND delivering on our commitment in a way that inspires each person.

  • Integrity:  Act in accordance with our beliefs, core values and professional, ethical standards at all times, emphasizing authenticity and consistency in all of our business and personal commitments.

  • Excellence:   We continuously strive to deliver services and products with the highest level of quality that exceeds our clients’ expectations. 

  • Innovation:  The goal of innovation is positive change, to make someone or something better. By approaching our daily work with a passion for innovation and a desire to learn and share that learning with our clients, we can make a significant difference in our clients’ lives. 

  • Community & Partnerships:  Each of us can add real value to each other.  We are committed to building a strong, motivated community that provides the positive benefits of partnership and a supportive and energizing community, encouraging each other’s growth and success.


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